Our 30th Anniversary Season was nothing short of miraculous.  It's because of YOU and your patronage that BTE exists. We are proud we have been Jeff Recommended for 2016-17's Good People, a show that reminded us all what it means to be human.
Live theatre is a unique and essential element of a vibrant culture and community.  By immersing us in the perspective of those different from ourselves, it makes tangible the commonality of our existence. By creating a unique experience -- in the moment, between audience and artists --we acknowledge and celebrate our humanity.
BTE is the place for artists, community members and students to celebrate live theatre.  It is your theatre because BTE is part of the structure of the community. Every performance nurtures a shared experience enriching each of us.  
We are thrilled to share the upcoming season with you. It explores, the idea of digging deep into one's self to find the right path forward.
Thank you for giving BTE renewed life. We look forward to seeing you again in that special shared space that live theatre creates.




Source: Buffalo Theatre Ensemble sets 2017-18 season